This integration enables Zoom users to understand their meetings inside of Pattyrn to enable them to understand how their meetings impact their work and how they can work more effectively. This integration appears in Pattyrn as:

  • An individual user scorecard that helps a user to understand how effectively they are using Pattyrn

  • A chart showing you the average of how much time you spend in meetings per week

  • Notifications when there are large increases or decreases in the amount of meetings you have

  • A chart showing you how many meetings are above 1 hour week on week

  • Notifications when there are large increases or decreases in meetings over 1 hour

This article covers:

  • Installation and configuration

  • Using the Zoom scorecard

  • Viewing the Zoom chart data

  • Understanding the meeting notification information


  • A Pattyrn Account.

  • A Zoom email account.

  • Pre-approval of the Pattyrn integration in the Zoom Marketplace.

  • Your email address in Pattyrn must be the same as your email address in Zoom (as Pattyrn associates the accounts via email addresses)

Installing from the Pattyrn Integrations Page

  1. Log into your Pattyrn account

  2. Click on the lightning bolt icon to go to the connections hub

  3. Click on the Zoom connection:

4. You will then be redirected to Zoom and asked to authorize the permissions for Pattyrn:

5. Once you authorize Pattyrn to access your Zoom account Pattyrn will begin syncing your accounts and meetings to present the data to you.

Using Pattyrn with an Integration to Zoom

Pattyrn is designed to help you understand how you work. In the context of Zoom and meetings you can see at the team level and the individual level. Pattyrn also has guidance for an individual user as to how they can be more effective in their meetings

The Pattyrn Manager view for teams

When you log into Pattyrn if you are an Admin you are immediately presented with the team overview:

If you click on the team you will be brought to the team view for that Team. Included on that page will be some indicators that can tell you about your meetings:

There are multiple things going on in this view. First we have the notification area. We have a notification around both meetings that are too long, which Pattyrn defines as meetings that last more than an hour as well as overall time a worker or team spends in meetings, which the more time a team is in meetings, the less time that is available for the team to work on tasks.

Meetings too long notification

This immediately focuses a user on key stat changes for a team. In this case a drop in long meetings will enable more time for the workers to work on their projects and tasks.

Meeting Time notification

This again allows the user to immediately see large changes in how much time people are spending in meetings. If a user or team primarily focuses on tasks a drop in meeting time will be a positive change. If a team is a sales team or maybe a management team focused on company strategy a drop in meeting time can be negative as in those roles meetings are far more important to drive their output.

Meetings over 1 hour indicator

The meetings over 1 hour indicator show what percentage of meetings for a given user or team or company are long meetings. This allows the easy recognition of large changes that will impact a user or a teams work. It also lets a company see what a normal baseline is for their company and how they work and quickly spot big changes that are outside that baseline.

Daily Meeting indicator

The daily meeting allows users to track how much of their time each day of the week is spent in meetings and to get a baseline for their team and their company. This will make it apparent that when the number of hours is climbing here, there will likely be a corresponding drop in task throughput.

Pattyrn Scoring for individual users

Another place Pattyrn helps people is by analyzing how they use their work applications and help them user their apps more effectively. If you click on the

Icon and then choose the Meetings Area of Work:

If there is a Zoom account that matches your Pattyrn email you will see the following screen:

As you can see in the image above, the worker there has done a very good job with being on time for meetings as the lateness component of their score card is at 49 of 50 points. However they are struggling by having some of their meetings spill over and go longer than the scheduled time and they could improve their experience on zoom as well. You can click into each score component for a detailed look at what factors influence that score:

Uninstalling Zoom for Pattyrn

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portal as your Zoom account admin, and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.

  2. Navigate to your installed apps: Manage > Installed Apps.

  3. Click Uninstall next to Pattyrn.

  4. Confirm the dialogue and click Uninstall.

Security & Privacy

This app accesses and uses the following information from Zoom:

  • Upcoming meeting: Start time, topic, meeting Id, participant, host list.

  • Meeting details for each meeting: meeting ID, topic, start time, duration, meeting password, join link.

  • Start a meeting: join link, meeting Id, topic.

  • User detail: first name, last name, email, user type, PMI.

  • Meeting summary: topic, meeting Id, start time, meeting length.

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