If you are an admin, you can manage and edit other team members within your company.

Editing A User

Figure 1: The Admin Dashboard Navigation Icon

The admin dashboard navigation icon

To edit one of your teammates, first, navigate to the admin dashboard by clicking on the icon shown in Figure 1. Select a team you would like to edit a teammate for using the select team dropdown. Click on the avatar of the teammate that you want to edit. Then click on the team member's name, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Edit Team Member Link

Change User Role

Figure 3: Change User Role Section

Change User Role Section

Once you are on the edit page for a user, you can change the user's role by using the change user role section, as shown in Figure 3. Once you have selected the user's new role, click the "update" submit button to receive the success or error message confirming your choice.

Removing the User

Figure 4: Remove Teammate Section

Removing a user from a team or company is the same process. The remove teammate form is located on the same page in the remove teammate section, shown in Figure 4.

Removing a user from a team

If a user is a member of multiple teams, once you fill out the form and successfully submit it, they will be removed from the team you are currently viewing them under.

This action will only remove them from the team in context. The user will still be active on every other team they have been invited to.

Deleting a user from the company

To remove a user from the company account, you must first remove them from every team they are associated with. Once you have removed them from their last team, they will be removed from the company account.

THIS ACTION IS PERMANENT. Once a member has been removed from the company account, they will need to be re-invited and complete the confirmation process to join your team again.

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