Each Key Area dashboard comes equipped with an "Alerts" section in the top left corner of the view next to the side nav. These alerts will populate monthly to give you a high-level look at your past accomplishments to reflect and celebrate. If you do not have any alerts, your section should resemble the image from Figure A.

Figure A: No alerts in your Key Area dashboard.

Receiving and dismissing alerts

Once you start receiving alerts, your section should resemble the image from Figure B that shows a user who has one alert card. Your alert card will provide you with an insight from one of the apps you've connected within the Key Area dashboard you are viewing.

Figure B: One alert that is present in the Key Area dashboard.

Dismissing Alerts

To dismiss an alert, click on the alert card and it will disappear. You can keep your alerts for as long as you would like by not dismissing them. However, once you dismiss an alert, you will not be able to view that alert again.

With the Alerts feature, you can reflect on the past in order to make a positive impact to your future. Here's to living your best career life and working efficiently with joy. 😸 

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