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Why do the five Key Areas matter?
Why do the five Key Areas matter?
Learn the "what" and "why" of how Pattyrn chose to focus on the five Key Areas for performance measurement.
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In today's world, we can measure many things for a company. Depending on your industry helps mold what tool you deem most important to gauge if your team is successful. However, what problems are the current tools available solving? For most companies, the tools being used aren't helping to solve performance problems; instead, they only measure them. So, what does that mean? We like to use the analogy of a house that begins to get cracks in the walls. When this happens, there is more to the problem than what is being revealed by the breaks alone. The tools that are being used today to measure performance are showing you the cracks. Pattyrn, however, is a means to show the root foundational issue causing the cracks and offer a helping hand to repair it.

Let there be Key Areas!

For years, Pattyrn's parent company WNDYR has focused on analyzing human behavior around performance. In doing so, they have discovered five points which anchor the measurement of performance regardless of the industry. Thus, the Pattyrn Key Areas were born.

What are the Key Areas...really?

During the WNDYR research cycle, they discovered that a company's success or failure regarding performance revolves around the five Key Areas of Time, Tasks, Meetings, Communications, and Documents. If we continue the house analogy, each of these Key Area's would be a pier of your company's home. If one Area is not on point with the other, you will begin to see cracks in the walls. If the cracks are left ignored, it will eventually lead to significant home damage. So how does this apply to your company? Let's drive our home analogy deeper.

If your company is the home, your teams are the rooms. Depending on how many spaces you have will determine how many piers make the foundation. Theoretically, each room should have the five Key Area piers supporting it. If one pier of a specific room (let's say engineering) starts to become weak, cracks will appear due to the poor performance in the Area. This, in turn, will cause a ripple throughout the entire company producing harmful side effects (like the delay of shipping a new feature or product).

Thus, since performance revolves around the same anchor points regardless of your industry, Pattyrn can help reveal unseen problems at the root cause for everyone.

Why Pattyrn matters

As mentioned before, the tools offered today aren't solving your performance problems - just measuring them. Because of this, you still require substantial knowledge and experience to know what actions to take from the data to help your team. Additionally, even if you do know which steps to take, in the end, you are still just fixing the cracks, not the root issue - this is why your team needs Pattyrn.

By using AI to analyze the tools your teams are using (with your permission of course!), we can reveal which Key Areas are strong or weak in your company - but we don't stop there. Each member of your team can subscribe to a Key Area they are interested in, and our AI engines will help recommend action steps to take for improving your scores concerning the future. Additionally, we will also show future issues that may cause score failures. You will also be able to view the full details of each Key Area to help answer the "why" behind your score result. 

If that is not enough, each member of your team will receive a unique dashboard view depending on their user roles (admin, manager, or worker). By doing this, Pattyrn helps all levels of a company, not just the team leads.

Once your performance Key Areas are soaring, you should have minimal to no blockers preventing you from accomplishing your goals for the future.

Stop fixing cracks and join Pattyrn today to maintain a strong foundation.

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