Why gain performance from one person in the company, when you can gain insights from every team? Through collaboration, we allow you to create and manage teams (Admin users) along with managing members of your teams (Admin and Manager users).

Creating Teams

In order to create new teams, you need to be an Admin user. Once you are logged in to Pattyrn, navigate to your settings by clicking the 3 bar menu icon on the left nav (or bottom if you are on a mobile device). The icon looks like the image below:

Once you are at the settings page, click on the "Teammates" link located in the sidebar which will navigate you to the correct view. Once you are on the Teammates page, click the "add team" button located in the top right corner of the page. 

Once the Add Team page appears, enter a name for your team and click the "add" button. Once your team is added you should see it in the list of your teams below the page title. In the example below, our user has 4 teams: Griffyndor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

Inviting Members

In order to invite new team members, you need to have either an Admin or Manager permissions. Admins will have access to modify all teams and Managers will only be able to modify the team they manage.

In the same "Teammates" view that you are in, click the "add member" button. Once the Add Member page appears, fill out the form by putting in the new user's email they will use, assign them to a team, and determine their permissions for the team.

Once you successfully submit the form you will now see them in the teammate's list with a status of "pending". This status will remain until the user verifies their account by clicking the link in the email sent to them requesting to join Pattyrn.

Expired Invitations

If you sent a request to a new teammate who never confirmed their account by clicking the link provided in the email sent to them, they will automatically be removed from the list and you will need to start the "add member" process over.

Suggested Members

Not only does connecting more apps benefit your performance metrics, but it also benefits adding team members. If we recognize users that belong to your team in other platforms (i.e. Jira, etc.), we will display them in the "Suggested
Members" section with an "add" button on their user list item as shown below:

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