Through collaboration, we allow you to create and manage teams along with managing members of your teams (admin users only).

Creating Teams

In order to create new teams, you need to be an Admin user. Once you are logged in to Pattyrn, in the company dashboard, click on the "+" button that is located to the right of the "Select Team" dropdown. This will take you to the team creation process.

Once you are at the create team page, fill out the form to add the name of your team.

After you have successfully submitted your team name, you will be directed to the invite form to add members to your team.

Inviting Members

In order to invite members to your team, you need to be an admin user.

Inviting members to existing team

If you are inviting members to an existing team, select the team you would like to invite users to in the company dashboard view, then in the page header, click the "+" button after the teammates avatars.

Inviting members to a new team

To make inviting users to your team easy, whether you are inviting people to a new team or existing team, the invite form is the same.

Once you have landed on the invite page for your team, you will see the following form:

Adding existing Pattyrn users to your team

If you would like to invite users who already exist in your Pattyrn company account, simply search for that user by typing their email in the "Search Company" input field at the top of the form shown above. Once you see the user in the list - click on the list item of the user to add them to the invite form.

Inviting new users to a team in Pattyrn

If you would like to invite a new user to your Pattyrn team, type their email in the "Not in your Pattyrn company?" form. You may additionally choose at this time to make the invitee an admin user for your company account. Once you have filled out the form, click the "update team" button to add them to the invite form.

Any user who has been added to the invite list can be optionally ignored by hovering over the user and clicking the "-" button. By doing this, Pattyrn will not send them an invite email.

Submitting the invite form

When your users are added to your invite list, click the "send invites" button at the bottom of the form and Pattyrn will send out invitation emails to everyone who has not been removed from the list.

Expired Invitations

In your team page, you may see that some avatars are greyed out. Hovering the avatar, if the invite is expired, a tooltip will appear showing two icons. The first one is to resend the invite, while the second one, represented by a trash icon, is to delete the invitation and consequently, the user.

The invite is expired if the users, [email protected] in this case, never confirmed the account when they were invited to the team during the 72 hour window.

You can resend an invite by pressing the "resend" arrow button located in the avatar tooltip. Likewise, you can remove the expired user from the team by pressing the "delete" trash can button next to the resend button.

Editing Teams

To edit your team name, simply hover the team name with your mouse, then click the "Edit team" button in the tooltip.

Editing your team name

Once you are on the team edit view, simply fill out the form labeled "Edit Team Name". Once you are finished, click the "update" button and you will see a success or error message depending on your submission.

Deleting your team

You may also choose to delete the team you are viewing on the same page in the "Delete Team" section. Follow the instructions in the form and click the "delete team" button. If you are successful, you will be redirected back to the company dashboard view.

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