Gaining insight into you or your team's performance is excellent unless you do nothing in response to it. At Pattyrn, we want to set you up for as much success as possible by providing you with as much insight into your performance scores as possible. This idea is what drives our Key Area Breakdown feature in the user dashboard.

Using the agile framework

There are many ways to grow using Pattyrn, and we are not here to delegate a way to use our app. It doesn't matter why or how you choose to use it - it's yours and yours alone. If you are interested in a foundation to use, though, we recommend the agile framework (regardless of if you are tech or not).

In agile, you have a sprint that determines a specific period (one week, two weeks, etc.) your team commits a particular amount of work to. Once the sprint is over, you have a retrospective meeting where you think about what worked, what didn't and take note for action items to improve the next round. This concept is perfect for Pattyrn.

Because we are delivering results on tools your teams use daily, we don't recommend waiting till the end of the sprint to log in. Instead, use Pattyrn for monitoring your performance on a day to day basis like you would with any other work-related tool (Jira, Invision, etc.). 

If you are using daily check-in's or "sprint updates," you can include your Pattyrn performance score as an accountability point. Doing so will help monitor if you or your team is performing optimally before the day or week completes.

If you use an agile framework, also include it in your retrospective to see how you or your teams are historically comparing from sprint to sprint. 

Ask questions like: "Did you have any blockers during this sprint?", "Were you able to prevent them or resolve them because of Pattyrn? ", "Have your key area scores improved?". It would be best to use these questions in your retro meetings to ensure you are focusing on how to perform the most efficiently with the analytics we provide to you.

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