Once you have apps connected to your account, Pattyrn uses machine learning AI to categorize your work into 5 key areas: Tasks, Time, Meetings, Communications, and Documents. Among these key areas, we also report things like blockers your team is facing or will face that may negatively contribute to your overall performance outcome. Likewise, we give your teams metrics within the company among so much more (we have a lot of features driven by machine learning)!

Let's break down what this means.

What is a "Key Area" and why?

At Pattyrn, we want to understand how people work in order to help make improvements in performance where no one has thought to look. By using this thinking framework, we have devoted the past 5 years and counting to researching this topic which brought us to a realization that there is 5 key in people's work day that contributes to their performance success. These key areas are of course the key areas we focus our data around in Pattyrn!

Key Area breakdown

How do the apps you connect contribute to each key area and why? We can't go too deep into this as it's our secret sauce, but here is what we can share.

  1. Time: How are you doing in meetings, managing your tasks, communicating within your team, etc.?
  2. Tasks: How are your tasks or issues going in tools like Jira or Wrike
  3. Communications: Are you communicating too much and wasting time in your day or too little? How is that affecting your other areas?
  4. Documents: Are you spending more time than you need to creating or modifying documents?
  5. Meetings: Are your meetings constantly running over time which in turn negatively affects everyone's workday involved?
    As mentioned above, there is so much more to this than the examples we provided. Just rest assured that each key area was created from research and is very intricate in the metrics it returns.

What do I do with the metrics provided?

Once you or your teams start to receive performance metrics from the key areas, you should start asking questions in order to learn how to improve and keep growing to be the best company you can be who delivers the top results. 

Not sure how to do this? If you have a product owner on your team, ask them as they are observing metrics often to pave the way for future features, etc. If you don't have a product owner on your team, it's OK - just start by asking "Why?" and preparing your steps to ensure a better score. We will provide as much data as possible to help breakdown the "why" for you to lead you on the best path to success as possible.

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