No one likes when things are broken, so we've made it easy to report to our team and get the problem resolved as fast as possible. To report a bug, simply just start a new conversation with one of our representatives by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner of the app, or navigate to our feature board by clicking the "send feedback" button in the top right corner.

Reporting through chat

If you are within the normal work day hours (9am-5pm), you can chat with a human to report the problem which will get the issue logged faster. If you are not, but still want to talk with a human, just leave your email and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Reporting through the feature board

Our feature board not only documents the lifecycle of new features but allows for bug reporting. When you are on the feature board, click the "bugs 🐛" tab and first see if your request has already been submitted. If it has, you can either do nothing or contribute to the feature by clicking on it and filling out the form presented giving a description of how the bug has affected you, the importance of it, and providing your email in the event we need to get more information from you.

By doing so, you will contribute to the severity of the bug which will help in determining how quickly we resolve it.

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