At Pattyrn, our users (that's you!) mean everything to us, so we want to make sure we are building the right product that meets your needs. One way to do that is by letting us know if there is a certain feature or app you would like to see in Pattyrn. 

We take user feedback very seriously and highly encourage every user to make their voice heard by submitting any feature that they would like to see.

The community feature board

In order to easily manage new features and their current status, we use a feature board that is accessible to our community for contributing or viewing. To get to the feature board, simply click the "send feedback" button in the top right corner of the Pattyrn app or navigate to the board.

Recommending new features

Submitting new ideas to be considered and added to Pattyrn is easy - just click the "submit idea" button in the top right corner of the feature board page.

By doing so, you will be presented with a form to add your new feature as shown in the image below:

Please fill out all the fields and be as descriptive as possible when you are writing about your new feature. It is just as important to include how important the feature is to you and include your email (we will only use this to contact you if we have questions about your idea - your information is safe with us).

Once you submit the form, our team will receive it and we will add it to the board.

Voting on features

If there is a feature that is already "under consideration" and you want to vote on how important the feature is to you, simply click on the feature and fill out the same form as above from that feature. By doing so, our team will be informed of your contribution and it will help determine if we move the feature to the "planned" stage or not.

Reporting bugs

If there is something that seems broken in Pattyrn, feel free to report it by clicking the "submit idea" and describe the problem you see. Our team will get your report and add it to the bug section of the board.

If you are in the Pattyrn app, simply start a conversation with one of our representatives by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner or navigate to the feature board by clicking the "send feedback" button in the top right corner.

For more on bug reporting, see our "Report a bug" article.

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